Ocean Blue B&B COVID-19 Opening Plan

13 Sep 2021

Re-opening Plan - (as at 13 Sep 2021) - As we navigate our way out of the pandemic crisis we now have a plan to re-open. Plans are subject to changes as advised by the NSW Government and any associated health orders. The plan is to re-commence guest arrivals on 22 October 2021.

About Ocean Blue B&B - Ocean Blue B&B licensed to welcome a maximum of six* guests at any given time.  * this number will be determined by health orders that are in place at the time and could be lower. Below are upgraded measures being taken to reassure your health and well-being while you enjoy your stay with us. Your cooperation before, during and after your stay is much appreciated.

Your Booking request - Bookings will be accepted from adult guests who are fully vaccinated against Covid19.

Before making your booking request, please be familiar with the current recommendations of the Federal Government and NSW Health Dept. with regards to arrivals from overseas, your current health status, social distancing etc.  More information can be found ‘here’.

Your Suite- Things being done to further assure your comport and safety

  • All remotes controls are sanitized using hospital grade disinfectant and placed in a sealed biodegradable bag.
  • We know that many guests prefer to bring there own personal care products such as shampoo, body wash, conditioner or hand sanitizer etc. If this is your preference then please continue to BYO however we do have these supplies which are available on request.
  • Glassware, chinaware and cutlery provided in the suites are cleaned and sterilized in a Miele Dishwasher using the Intensive program which uses water at 75°C. Disposable paper cups are available if you prefer.
  • As a further reassurance for our guests, the above items are made available in a dated and sealed container in your suite rather than on open display cabinets.
  • All linen and towels are washed in a Miele Washing Machine using programs with 40C or above washing programs.  Miele fabric care detergents are used.

General Cleaning

    Ocean Blue is cleaned is cleaned daily using hospital grade disinfectants on floors and all surfaces. As a result of this, the normal guaranteed check-in time of 1400 (2pm) will be rescheduled to 1500 (3pm).  We naturally don’t want to rush our cleaning procedures but please reach out in the morning of your arrival day and if an earlier check-in is possible this will be provided
    'It is mandatory for every guest to check-in using the QR code at the front lobby.'
        Looking forward to welcoming you to Ocean Blue B&B, Stanwell Park.